I have my birth control pills but I don’t know when to start should I do it on the first day of my next period or when?

You can start your pills at any time, however when you start can determine how soon you are protected against pregnancy. If you are taking a combination pill (progestin and estrogen) and you start your pills within 5 days after the start of your period, you are protected against pregnancy immediately. If you start the pill any other time during your cycle, it takes 7 days of taking the pill to be protected against pregnancy, so make sure to use a back-up method like condoms. If you are taking a progestin only pill, you can start that pill at any time, and protection will begin 2 days after you start taking the pill, so make sure to use a back-up method during those first 48 hours! Please call us if you have any other questions about birth control, or when you should start your pill at 1-877-275-6123.