preconception: health topics, wadena county family planning

Birth Control

Hormonal Birth Control Methods Birth Control with Estrogen and Progestin: The Pill, Patch and Ring Advantages include: Lighter periods and less menstrual cramps Reduced risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer May reduce acne Fertility will return as soon as you stop using Pill, Patch or Ring Disadvantages include: Increased risk of rare but serious problems including Read more about Birth Control[…]

preconception; health topics, wadena county family planning


Thinking about becoming pregnant? Here are some great resources. CDC’s Pregnancy Information Includes information about healthy pregnancy and healthy pregnancy planning to prevent birth defects. CDC’s Folic Acid Information Includes information on the importance of folic acid before and during pregnancy, and includes some information on folic acid sources. Life’s Greatest Miracle Presents microimagery of Read more about Preconception[…]